Key Derivation (transparent addresses)

Given a master seed (a 12 or 24 word bip39 mnemonic), the user should be able to derive additional accounts deterministically.

The wallet currently implements functionality to derive bip32 addresses following bip44 paths for slip-0044 registered coin types, using hardened addresses.

The bulk of this funcionality resides in anoma-apps/anoma-lib/lib/src/ ( Creating a new Wallet struct with a provided mnemonic generates a seed byte vector and establishes a root extended key. Calling the derive method on that Wallet providing a derivation path will give us the following struct:

fn main() {
pub struct DerivedAccount {
    address: String,          // p2pkh address
    wif: String,              // Address in Wallet Import Format (WIF)
    private_key: Vec<u8>,     // Extended Private key
    public_key: Vec<u8>,      // Extended Public key
    secret: Vec<u8>,          // ed25519 secret key
    public: Vec<u8>,          // ed25519 public key

The ed25519 keys can then be used to initialize an account on the ledger to receive an Established Address.

Deriving Shielded Addresses



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