Web wallet interface

Application Features

The application consist of the an UI that allows the user to perform the following actions in an easy to use and consistent web application:

Seed Phrase

hifi Designs

  • Can setup a new seed phrase and derive accounts on it wireframe
  • When creating the seed phrase, the user can export it copied to the clipboard, user has to confirm the saving of the seed phrase wireframe wireframe
  • Restore accounts from a seed phrase
  • Can retrieve a forgotten seed phrase, this requires user to enter the main password

User accounts

hifi Designs

  • When entering the app, the user is being prompted for a password to decrypt the key pair to be able to perform actions wireframe
  • Can create accounts derived from the master key pair
  • Can delete accounts
  • User can integrated with Ledger hardware wallet
    • Set up flow TBD
    • Managing TBD
  • Can see an overview of the assets in the account and all derived accounts wireframe
  • Can see the details of a single asset, containing the following information wireframe
    • Balance
    • All past transactions for the current account and asset
    • Button to initiate a new transfer using this asset



  • Can create transparent transfers
  • Can create shielded transfers
  • Bi-directional transfer between Namada and ETH
    • Supports approving transactions with MetaMask
  • Bi-directional transfer between Namada and IBC supported chains
    • Supports approving transactions with Keplr

Staking & Governance


  • Can bond funds to a list of validators
  • Can un-bond funds to a list of validators
  • Can submit proposals
  • Can vote on proposals
  • Can follow up with the current and past proposals and their vote results

Tech Stack

Core Application

  • Core application is built on React/TypeScript
  • State management with Redux
  • Application styling is accomplished with styled-components
  • Extensive usage of WASM compiled Rust code from the common Anoma code base is encouraged where ever feasible.